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Heatless Regeneration Modular Dryer
Desiccant Dryer for Air Compressor

Flow Rate (Nm³/min) L W H Kg
YQ-015MZ 1.5 220V,1PH,50Hz G1” 695 400 1070 95
YQ-025MZ 2.5 220V,1PH,50Hz G1” 695 400 1270 105
YQ-035MZ 3.5 220V,1PH,50Hz G1 – 1/2” 695 400 1730 119
YQ-070MZ 7.0 220V,1PH,50Hz G1 – 1/2” 865 400 1730 176
YQ-105MZ 10.5 220V,1PH,50Hz G2’’ 1040 400 1730 233
YQ-140MZ 14.0 220V,1PH,50Hz G2’’ 1215 400 1730 291
YQ-175MZ 17.5 220V,1PH,50Hz G2 – 1/2’’ 1390 400 1730 348
YQ-210MZ 21.0 220V,1PH,50Hz G2 – 1/2” 1560 400 1730 405
YQ-245MZ 24.5 220V,1PH,50Hz G2 – 1/2” 1740 400 1730 462
YQ-280MZ 28.0 220V,3PH,50Hz G2 – 1/2” 1850 400 1730 515
YQ-350MZ 35.0 220V,1PH,50Hz DN80 1390 880 1780 727
YQ-420MZ 42.0 220V,1PH,50Hz DN100 1500 880 1780 876
YQ-490MZ 49.0 220V,1PH,50Hz DN100 1740 880 1780 992
YQ-560MZ 56.0 220V,1PH,50Hz DN125 1850 880 1780 1111
YQ-630MZ 63.0 220V,1PH,50Hz DN150 1500 1340 1780 1292
YQ-735MZ 73.5 220V,1PH,50Hz DN150 1740 1340 1780 1485
YQ-840MZ 84.0 220V,1PH,50Hz DN150 1850 1340 1780 1664

Megah Equipment Sdn. Bhd. is the newly established company based in Shah Alam, Selangor which focuses on rental, sales and service of used / reconditioned portable air compressor, screw air compressor, generator set (genset), air compressor dryer, desiccant dryer, air receiver tank, Miller welding machine, diesel forklift etc. Megah have more than 10 years of experience in providing rental and sales of portable air compressor and screw air compressor in Johor Bahru, Johor. Over the year, we have gradually increased our units of air compressor in order to provide rental of air compressor in Selangor to more customers and industrial users.

Megah specialised in providing screw air compressor sales and rental services in Selangor to manufacturer, oil & gas / marine industry, construction site and other industrial uses. Our screw air compressor comes with different control type from fixed speed to permanent magnet motor with inverter control. We can also provide a complete compressed air systems with a set of screw air compressor, air compressor dryer and air receiver tank that suitable to your application.

Other than trading of screw air compressor, Megah also provide screw air compressor rental in Selangor for onshore project such as blasting and painting, pressure testing, maintenance and servicing etc. We have wide range of capacity for rental in Selangor ranging from 20hp / 15kW screw air compressor to 175hp / 132kW screw air compressor.
Looking for quality air? Megah not only supply electrical air compressor for rental but also the whole compressed air system inclusive of air dryer for compressor, air receiver tank, desiccant dryer, air filters etc. to meet client requirement on ‘dry air’ and of its required dew point.

We have followed strict instructions and schedule on servicing and maintenance of our screw air compressor, air compressor dryer and air receiver tank. We also provide air receiver tank cleaning and servicing complete with JKKP inspection and approval. We will make sure that all of our screw air compressor and its compressed air system is in good condition for rental and supply to our customers.

Our professional team are highly knowledgeable on the air compressor systems and we will assist to match your application needs with our wide range of air compressor products. If you require further specifications and requirements for our air compressor systems, please contact us at 016-327 8519 (Office) / 016-755 3178 (Sales)

Please leave your enquiry here, we will reply as soon as possible.

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